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Road Paver

Road Paver

Paver with Hydraulic Telescopic Mangle
A paver can be divided into various types. Hydraulic road paver, mechanical road paver, asphalt pavers and concrete pavers are some of the most popular road pavers.
Thanks to our strong research and development capacity, our road pavers are internationally advanced in terms of quality and reliability. As a result, our road paver, especially our 4.5-9.5 M hydraulic road paver, become the substitute for imported pavers for top level highway construction.

4.5m Paver with Hydraulic Telescopic Mangle WTL4500
Paver with Hydraulic Telescopic Mangle Specifications

Model WTL4500
Engine rated power 93kw
Engine rated speed 2300rpm
Paving width 2m -4.5m
Maxmum thickness 200mm
Operating speed 0-12m/min
Running speed 0-4km/h
Hopper capacity 7t
Max. productivity 150t/h
Total mass 9700kg
Gross dimensions 5280 mm×2300 mm×2480mm

1. Our hydraulic road paver uses imported engine with high power reserve coefficient
2. Six sets of hydraulic drive systems and three sets of control systems independently drive and control left and right crawler attachments, material delivery devices and distribution devices.
3. Our hydraulic road paver is equipped with a leveling system, which features fast response and high leveling precision
4. Main components of dynamic system, hydraulic system, control system and drive system utilize world famous brands to ensure the performance and quality of our products.
5. The width of hydraulic extension screed is infinitely adjustable and its length can also be lengthened. Gas heating system is under electronic control, easy to operate.
6. Ergonomically designed console is movable, and seats on both sides are adjustable, making our road paver applicable to various operating conditions.
7. The electronic control system can be equipped with a CAN bus control system, GPRS remote communication system as well as a remote locking function.

SINOMACH is a specialized road paver manufacturer in China. We also produce rotary drilling rig, crawler excavator, wheel loader, motor grader, and much more.

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