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Compaction Machinery

Compaction is the process in which an external stress applied to the materials causes densification. As a professional construction equipment and road compaction equipment manufacturer in China, SINOMACH has been focused on the development of soil compaction equipment and now provides a wide variety of heavy compaction machine for sale. Through the use of our compaction machinery, the grains of materials being compacted generate movements and rearrange to expel the air and water. The effective compaction can not only increase the density of the compacted materials, but also greatly improve their load bearing capacity as well as reduce settlement and water seepage.

Our compaction equipment types include, but are not limited to, mechanical single drum vibratory road roller, hydraulic double drum vibrating road roller and pneumatic tire road roller. From YSZ025 compact walk behind roller with a weight of 245 kg to LLC233H heavy duty landfill compactor with a weight of 33000 kg, our company has the right compaction machinery to accommodate customers' diverse applications and requirements.

Our drum vibratory road rollers are scientifically designed and carefully manufactured using famous brand diesel engines, hydraulic components, electric control elements and maintenance free battery, which helps ensure equipment performance and service life. In addition, the front frame and rear frame are articulated, contributing to small turning radius and flexible steering.

Our pneumatic tire compactor provides the ability to adjust the tire pressures so as to meet specific job requirements. During compaction, the tire roller also has kneading function, which ensures a uniform, dense compacted layer while preventing surface damages.

Our walk behind rollers are light duty road rollers that feature compact structure, small size, light weight and folding joystick. Therefore, they are easy to transport and are especially suitable for compaction tasks in narrow work spaces.

Our landfill compactor is heavy equipment used to reduce the size of waste materials through compaction. Ruggedly constructed, it can operate stably in harsh work environments. By pushing, crushing and compacting garbage, the compaction machinery can help to conserve land and protect the environment.

As an experienced compaction machinery manufacturer in China, we also supply road paver, crawler bulldozer, backhoe loader, truck crane, and much more.

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