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Truck Crane

Truck Crane
Main performance parameters
Model QYE12-1
Weights Gross vehicle weight 14,200Kg
Max. rated capacity for main hook 12t
Engine and drive system Engine yuchai YC4E160-30
Rated power 118KW@2500rpm
Axle drive system 4×2
Torque Max. torque 600N.m@ 1400-1600rpm
Max. load moment 377.7KN.m
Walking performance Max. grade ability 25°
Max. traveling speed 85km/h
Slewing speed 3.5rpm
Dimensions Overall(L×W×H) 10.145m×2.5m×3.33m
Outrigger Dimensions(L×T) 4.18m×4.8m
Boom Base boom length 8.7m
Fully extended boom length 21.4m
Fully extended boom maximum lift height 21.44m

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