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Hoisting Machinery

The hoisting machinery is primarily used to lift and lower heavy things. It can also be used to move materials horizontally. As the hoisting equipment can move loads beyond the normal capacity of a man, it assists people in completing a variety of tasks in the construction, transport and manufacturing fields. As a China heavy equipment manufacturer, SINOMACH provides a vast array of quality truck cranes and crawler cranes to customers around the world.

Our hoisting machinery mainly consists of hoisting unit, travelling unit, luffing unit and slewing unit as well as metal structure, power system, constrol system and necessary auxiliary devices. Our truck cranes, mounted on heavy duty truck, are available in six models, with lifting capacities ranging from 8 tons to 130 tons. Meeting the technical requirements for road vehicles, these mobile cranes can travel on all kinds of roads. When working on the jobsite, outriggers are extended to stabilize the crane. Mounted on an undercarriage with a set of tracks, our crawler crane maintains stability with no outriggers. Because it can move around on site and travel with a load, the hoisting equipment is suitable for the movement of materials on construction sites.

SINOMACH, we consistently work to improve hoisting machinery design using innovative technology. As a result of our efforts, our cranes now offer many advantages, such as good stability, great safety, high efficiency and convenient maintenance.

As a professional hoisting machinery manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer road paving machine, crawler bulldozer, wheel loader, hydraulic vibratory single drum road roller, and more.

Other Products
  • Mechanical Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller Our mechanical single drum vibratory road roller is designed with reliability, efficiency, fuel saving, safety and comfort in mind. This heavy equipment comes with an imported water cooled turbocharged diesel engine, which is both functional and efficient. The large fuel tank enables the engine to continuously operate for a long time. The linkage between engine throttle and clutch pedal results in lower fuel consumption. Mainly constructed of T type angular glasses, the roller cab is stylish and provides the operator with high visibility. The LCD instrument panel in the cab is adjustable to adapt to operators' different driving ..
  • Crawler Bulldozer Our range of crawler bulldozer is equipped with a WEICHAI or Cummins engine which features superior power performance, large power reserve, low fuel consumption and low emission. This make the heavy equipment environmental friendly and economical as well. The bulldozer blade is made of highly wearing resistant and high strength materials, so it is able to resist the long term abrasion by soil and sand materials and offers a long service life. Meanwhile, the blade is available in different types, like U-shaped, semi-U shaped, straight type, and angled type, etc...
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