China SINOMACH Heavy Industry Corporation
Manufacturer of Excavator, Wheel Loader, Motor Grader and Road Roller etc.

China SINOMACH Heavy Industry Corporation, incepted in January 2011, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH Group) which is listed as one of the World's Top 500 Enterprises. Headquartered in Beijing, China, SINOMACH Heavy Industry is a large manufacturer of engineering vehicle and heavy equipment products.

SINOMACH Heavy Industry's primary activities consist of engineering equipment research, development, and manufacture, related customer service, and project contracting and trading. Currently, we have 28 holding companies and joint-stock companies, including one publicly traded company and four overseas corporations. We also have large production bases in Tianjin city, Changzhou city, Luoyang city, and Luzhou city of China. In addition, we have established joint-venture companies with world famous engineering vehicle manufacturers such as Terex Corporation of America, Hyundai of South Korea, Komatsu of Japan and Martec of Canada as well as companies spread over 100 countries and regions.

Engineering Vehicle R&D and Manufacture
SINOMACH Heavy Industry has strengths in the engineering machinery research, development, and manufacturing fields. We have a state-level engineering vehicle research institute, two state-level enterprise technical centers, two post-doctoral scientific and research work stations, and one mechanical equipment quality test center. Our products are classified into over ten categories, including the earthmoving machine, road building machine, compaction machinery, hoisting machine, piling machinery, and so on, which are further divided into over one hundred types. To illustrate, SINOMACH heavy equipment includes a crawler excavator, wheel loader, motor grader, crawler bulldozer, backhoe loader, skid steer loader, road paver, road roller, truck crane, cold recycling machine, road milling machine, and more. Heavy equipment parts are also available.

Engineering Vehicle Related Service
SINOMACH Heavy Industry is able to offer its clients complete solutions for their construction projects. We have established strategic cooperative relationships with many banks, insurance companies, and other bonding companies, in order to help our clients reduce risks through financial release, insurance, and surety. We are able to provide engineering vehicle maintenance and repair, equipment parts sales and exchange, technological upgrading, routing inspection, and equipment lease services to our clients. Meanwhile, we are also capable of buy-back, assessing, authentication, and remanufacturing of used engineering machines. In addition, we also offer heavy equipment testing, as well as third-party logistics, exhibition, and OEM services, to name a few.

Project Contracting and Trading
SINOMACH Heavy Industry has completed many key projects, both at home and abroad, by cooperating with famous national and international companies, and we have received high praise from our clients due to our superior management and service capabilities. Our expertise includes supplying a complete range of construction equipment, international cooperation, and marketing. This, coupled with our competence in engineering vehicle manufacturing, enables us to offer satisfying services to our customers.

Praising highly our core value of "innovation, self-improvement, cooperation, and intergrowth" and adhering to our management principle of "focusing on business credibility, equipment quality, and management", SINOMACH Heavy Industry aims to be a first class engineering vehicle and heavy equipment manufacturer and service provider with the support of SINOMACH Group.

Main Products
  • Crawler Excavator The three models of crawler excavator or digger are easy for operation and can be used in varied environments, so they have high operation efficiency. They are equipped with Japanese Yanmar engine. The high output power of the engine enables this heavy equipment to have high loading capacity. Meanwhile, the Yanmar engines come with reliable performance, low failure rate, and are fuel efficient, so they require less maintenance and fuel cost. This finally translates into the low operation and maintenance cost of our crawler excavators.
    Our crawler excavator has compact structure and small size as well as light weight, so it offers reliable performance even in narrow and limited spaces, and has no other special requirements for working site. These design advantages make the construction equipment commonly seen in road and building construction...
  • Paver As a professional road paver manufacturer based in China, SINOMACH offers a wide selection of models of road paving equipment for clients to choose from. Classified by traveling method, this road building machine is divided into wheeled and crawler pavers. Wheeled road paver has fast traveling speed and high paving efficiency; while crawler ones ensure uniform paving thickness even the roadway is rugged, and they have larger traction force and ground contact area as compared with wheeled ones. Clients can choose an appropriate type of paving equipment according to their application demands.
    SINOMACH paver finisher is designed with large capacity material hopper, from minimum 7t to maximum 14t. This greatly improves working efficiency and ensures uniform paving thickness, because there is no need to stop the equipment frequently for paving material feeding...