China SINOMACH Heavy Industry Corporation
Manufacturer of Excavator, Wheel Loader, Motor Grader and Road Roller etc.

China SINOMACH Heavy Industry Corporation
Add.:Huacai building, No.16, Guangshun North Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, PRC
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Main Products
  • Wheel Loader A wheel loader is also known as a bucket loader or front loader. This construction equipment is designed to load loose materials such as soil, sand, coal, and lime into or onto another type of machine. It can also be used for light-duty digging of mineral ores and hard soil, etc. SINOMACH is a wheel loader manufacturer in China, and we at SINOMACH can offer front end loaders with loading capacity from 3 tons to 7.5 tons and engine power from 45KW to 250KW for customers to choose from. Due to fast operation, high efficiency, and easy operation, our wheeled loading shovels are extensively used in highway, railway, water conservation projects, building, airport, and bridge construction industries, and mining industry as well.
    As compared with a crawler loader, our wheel loader has advantages such as lighter weight, faster speed...
  • Hydraulic Vibratory Single Drum Road Roller In order to ensure product reliability and service life, we manufacture our hydraulic vibratory single drum road rollers using carefully selected components. For instance, our rollers are powered by 160kW Cummins turbocharged diesel engines, which work normally in harsh environments. In fact, they can perform compaction operations even in high altitudes, over 4000 meters. In addition, other components, such as hydraulic pump and motor of hydraulic system, are purchased from world famous suppliers...