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Sinomach Heavy Industry Cambodia 4S Store inaugurated
2015-06-04 14:44:44

On May 27, the inaugural ceremony of Sinomach Heavy Industry Cambodia 4S Store & "China Sinomach Southeast Machinery (Cambodia) Co., Ltd." was held in Phnom Penh.

Among nearly 180 attendees were Lim Sidenine, Secretary of State and Vice Minister of Public Works and Transport of Cambodia and his wife, representatives from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Cambodia and transport authorities in 24 provinces across the country, representatives from over ten Chinese institutions in Cambodia, the Cambodia Chamber of Commerce, the Cambodia Constructors Association and Canasino Construction Corporation, representatives from other local contractors and industrial enterprises, as well as representatives from local media. During the ceremony, a product presentation was delivered to promote Sinomach Heavy Industry's products.

Lim addressed the ceremony, saying that China Sinomach Southeast Machinery (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. will provide quality equipment and all-round services for Cambodia's infrastructural projects such as road, bridge, agricultural irrigation and hydropower projects, will promote the rapid development of Cambodia's public works and transport, and accords with the quadrangle strategy mapped out by the Cambodian government. He believed that the company would play a positive role in promoting the infrastructural construction of Cambodia.

With a total area of some 7,000 square meters, Sinomach Heavy Industry Cambodia 4S Store was established by Sinomach Heavy Industry and Quanzhou Southeast Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. The store has functions such as production, parts warehousing, sales training, after-sales maintenance and product display.

As Sinomach Heavy Industry's new exploration of implementing the strategy of globalization and "reshaping Sinomach abroad", as well as a key part of the company's overseas market development, the establishment of the store will lay the groundwork for the company's future in-depth and steady development in Cambodia and the Asia Pacific region.

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